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The Stari Hrast Motel

The Stari Hrast (Old Oak) motel is one hundred kilometres far from Belgrade, conveniently located just off Belgrade-Niš highway.The motel has a restaurant which offers national and international specialties, as well as accommodation capacity of 48 rooms.It has two conference halls suitable for meetings,seminars and workshops.Within the motel,there is also a mini-market with a wide range of goods. The motel is set in 12 acres and has an ample parking lot for cars, buses and lorries.Its guests can enjoy open grounds for sports and recreation (basketball, outdoor futsal etc.) All capacities of the Stari Hrast motel work 24 h.The object is under 24 h surveillance of PT security .

Outside of motel
Outside of motel 2
Outside of motel


Restaurant offers national and international specialties, with seating capacity of 300, including a beautiful garden with seating capacity of over 600. Restaurant's kitchen works 00-24h.Wireless intenet is available both inside the restaurant and in the garden outside.

Main dish
Main dish 2


The Stari Hrast motel has 48 room, with maximum capacity of 150 beds.Rooms range from single to four-bed rooms. All rooms ae en-suite, with air-conditioning and colour TV. Free wireless internet is also available.

Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Daily Stay 1.500.00 din
Bed 1/2 - single use 3.600.00 din
Bed 1/2 3.600.00 din
Bed 1/3 4.800.00 din
Residence tax per person 50.00 din


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